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Oracle DBA Training Chennai - Day-to-Day and Real Time Scenarios DBA Project Oriented Training

"Oracle DBA, RAC DBA + ASM and Oracle Grid DBA portal are the biggest knowledge gateway and the best way to predict the future for the people in the Oracle Database Administration 
DBA World"   

"Oracle DBA Training for you, would be a definite advantage to jumpstart your IT career immediately and effectively"

Sabari – Chennai – contact – 9994408197

SABARI (Oracle DBA Manager Professional with more than 17 Years onsite/offshore experience now at one of the top MNC) is providing the Complete Oracle DBA effective training in (Combined Oracle 11g/10g/9i DBA) /  Combined RAC DBA 11gR2/10gR2 including ASM / GoldenGate11g DBA / DataGuard) along with Day-to-Day DBA project oriented with Real Time Scenarios and Methods for DBA trainess.

Located Near by CHROMPET Rly. Station - Chennai

Post Oracle DBA Training

1.While interacting with well-organized Oracle DBA efficients in any client discussion / interview, as a DBA / RAC DBA, you would be effectively presented like an experienced DBA professional in the DBA world. Therefore you would be definite appointed.

2. In working environment on any oracle DBA project, as a DBA, you would be fixed the DBA administration tasks confidently without anxieties or doubts. Hence it is enhancing your oracle DBA career and DBA knowledge rewardingly.

3.In addition, this DBA training gives hands to complete OCA or OCP significantly. It would be highly appreciated in your yearly appraisal.

If you have any enquiries or clarifications,  Contact me : 9994408197

Refer the complete details as cited below for (Combined Oracle 11g/10g/9i DBA)  / Combined RAC DBA 11gR2/10gR2 including ASM / GoldenGate DBA / DataGuard.

Sabari - Chennai
Contact : 9994408197


1. Combined Oracle 11g/10g/9i DBA 
Focus : On UNIX flavoured OS platform
Duration : 10 Weekends on (All Sataurdays AND  Sundays)
Timing : Morning 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Venue : Near CHROMPET Railway Station, Chennai

Module-General :-

 DBA Perspective SQL Commands.

 Connectivity between your laptop or desktop and the UNIX based Oracle Database servers.

 DBA Perspective UNIX flavoured OS Commands and its OS Installation.

 Imparting the tips, technic and trick of ir-respective of  any version upto Oracle 11g and specifically Oracle 10g and 9i  Database Installations (Both Manually Creating Database and During Oracle Software Installation) on UNIX flavoured OS.

Remote Oracle 10g / 9i Database Installations with using VNC Server.

Module-I :-

The complete Oracle Architecture such as SGA,  Background Process,   Instance,  Database like Logical Database Structure &  Physical Database Structure,  Parameter File, Password file,  Startup/Shutting down the Database,  Control Files,  Redolog files,  ArchiveLog files, Manual Creating Database in 9i and 10g,  Type of INDEXES, Type of CONSTRAINTS,  Profile,  User Management,  Privileges,  ROLE &  PGA Management etc.,

Module-II in Performance Tuning :-

Strong SQL Query Tuning in 9i,  SQL Tuning Advisor in 10g,  Memory Tuning in 9iASMM – Automatic Shared Memory Management in 10g,  ADDM – Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor in 10g,  Statspack Analysis in 9iAWR – Automatic Workload Repository in 10g,  Disk I/O Contention,  Handling Locking issue and Removing Locking,  Monitoring Parallel Sessions / Inactive Sessions / Active Sessions, PGA Tuning in 9i,  APMM – Automatic PGA Memory Management in 10g etc.,

Module-III and IV (Advanced higher end tasks and Backup and Recovery Strategies) :-

 Oracle Connectivity between the oracle DB servers / Oracle client and server base technology

Back and Recovery – Physical Backups such as RMAN in 9i & RMAN in 10g and its Configuration, Hot/Online Backup, Cold/Offline Backup and Logical Backup - Exp / Imp in 9i and DATAPUMP in 10g).  

Upgrading the Oracle Software (from 9i to 11g) from one version to another version.

Upgrading the Oracle Software (from 9i to 11g) from one version to another version.

Cross Platform migrating the Oracle Database (from 9i to 11g) from one OS platform to another OS.

Migrating the Oracle Database from 9i to 10g, 10g to 11g and 9i to 11g.

Cloning the Oracle Database viable RMAN Backup - Cloning the Oracle Database viable Hot Backup - Cloning the Oracle Database viable Cold Backup.

 Preparing the Testing Database in Testing Server and Mirroring the Oracle Database in Mirroring Server.

 Database Refresh Activities (from 9i to 11g).

 Schema Refresh Activities with proper Tablespace Calculations (from 9i to 11g).

 Table Refresh Activities with proper Tablespace Calculations (from 9i to 11g).

 The Complete Overview of Database Link (DBLinks) and Materialized view.

Flashback Technologies in Oracle10g.

Oracle Loader / External Tables in Oracle 10g.

Space Managements in Oracle 10g (Segment Shrink Functionality, and Other Space Management Tools such as UNDO Advisor & Redo Log Advisor).

 And Further Tablespace related topics in Oracle 10g.

 Preparing for an Interview and Group Discussions.
 Preparing the Resume in required way for an Oracle DBA.

Best Regards
Sabari - 9994408197


2. Combined Oracle RAC DBA 11gR2/10gR2 including ASM

Focus : On Unix / Linux OS Platform
Duration : 3 Weekends on (All Saturdays & Sundays)
Timing : Morning 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Venue : Near CHROMPET Railway Station, Chennai

 3 Nodes RAC - Step by Step configuration between OS and Oracle in both 11gR2/10gR2

 3 Nodes RAC - Step by Step configuration in Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS)  & Installing  its Oracle Clusterware in 10gR2

 3 Nodes RAC - Step by Step configuration in olr/ocr/votingdisk & Installing  its Oracle Gridware in 11gR2

 3 Nodes RAC - Step by Step configuration in Automatic Storage Management (ASM) both in 11gR2/10gR2

 3 Nodes RAC - Step by Step installation the Oracle software / ORACLE_HOME both in 11gR2/10gR2

Adding Additional Nodes in RAC environment
Removing existing Nodes from RAC environment

 Migrating a Single DB'Instance into RAC environment including ASM both in 11gR2/10gR2

 RAC Admin - RAC specified Initialization Parameters both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Admin - Managing DB config with SRVCTL both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Admin - Re-scripting the controlfile in RAC Environment both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Admin - Enabling ArchiveLogs in RAC Environment both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Admin - Enabling Flashback in RAC Environment both in 11gR2/10gR2

 RAC Advanced Admin -  Cluster Ready Services - CRS administration both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Advanced Admin -  Oracle Local Repository - OLR administration in 11gR2

 RAC Advanced Admin -  Oracle Cluster Repository  - OCR administration both in 11gR2/10gR2
 RAC Advanced Admin -  VotingDisk administration  both in 11gR2/10gR2

  And the complete ASM deployments in RAC and NON-RACenvironment both in 11gR2/10gR2

  Preparing for an Interview and Group Discussions
  Preparing the Resume in required way for an Oracle RAC DBA

Best Regards
Sabari - 9994408197


3. Oracle GoldenGate DBA / Oracle Dataguard

Oracle GoldenGate DBA / Oracle DataGuard - contents details, would be provided in person.

Best Regards
Sabari - 9994408197